Soakaway drainage systems

An increased volume of waste, required to be processed by both the soakaway and septic tank, can have a detrimental effect on the whole system. Soakaways are only designed to cope with a specific volume per day and an overload could result in the waste clogging the soakaway. We cater to customers in Bangor, Belfast and across Northern Ireland. 

Problems commonly found with soakaways include

If the water table in the surrounding soils becomes too high, the effluent will go straight into the water table without being adequately treated first.

If the partnering septic tank fails, raw effluent can start to flow into the soakaway, which could result in failure of the whole system.

If the soakaway has been installed in an area of clay based soil, then the water will not be able to pass out of the system and into the soil.

Surrounding trees and shrubs can cause septic tank soakaway problems, as this can lead to root ingress which can damage the system’s structure and cause a blocked soakaway.

The effectiveness of a soakaway’s structure can be reduced if a vehicle or heavy machinery moves over the system. This is because the surrounding soil can get compacted which will reduce its permeability.

Soakaway installations by drain engineers

A soakaway needs to be installed at a depth where aerobic bacteria are found. Any deeper than this, and the bacteria found tends to be anaerobic and may produce a black slimy substance that can potentially block the soakaway and affect the porosity of the surrounding soil.

If there are high sodium levels in the surrounding soils then this can cause clay particles within the soil to build up and create a waterproof layer around the system, blocking the liquid effluent from dispersing into the surrounding area.

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