Water Mains

Water mains replacement across Northern Ireland

There are multiple reasons why a water main replacement is needed ranging from a burst pipe to replacement of old lead pipes. At Master Blaster NI Limited, Bangor, we deal with these situations daily and have specialist tools to allow us to complete the work quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruption. We also cater to customers in Belfast, and across Northern Ireland. 

Need help with burst pipes?

Engineers at Master Blaster NI Limited are experts in the use of trenchless technology, particularly impact moling, for the water mains replacement.

This trenchless water main replacement technique is ideal for using in driveways, paths, car parks, golf courses and gardens where new or replacement water mains services are required without disturbing the surface above.

Using our specialist moling technique is of benefit to both our clients and the environment for the following reasons.

  • We can easily install water mains, ducts, cables and underground services
  • More cost effective than traditional trenching methods
  • Minimal or no excavations beyond necessary launch pits or termination points for the installed service
  • Minimal disruption to the customer’s property

Water mains repairs in Bangor

Master Blaster NI Limited engineers are also equipped with listening apparatus that we can use to locate and trace the position of leaking underground water mains, allowing us to fix the water mains quickly and efficiently.

A few useful tips to distinguish if you have a leaking supply pipe and require a water mains replacement are:

  • Damp patch in the garden, driveway or anywhere during dry weather
  • Grass is greener in some places more than others
  • Marked drop in water pressure
  • Constant hissing noise from your water pipes
For water mains repairs in Bangor, Belfast or across Northern Ireland, get in touch with Master Blaster NI Limited
028 9146 0070 (Bangor)
028 9043 4445 (Belfast)

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